Eastern Mediterranean / Vegetarian


Available for Brunch / Lunch / Dinner, coffees and cocktails.


Suppliers, Community and Sustainability

Plastic Free Hackney – we are working with our good friend @plasticfreehackney to reduce our waste, avoid plastic in the restaurant where currently humanly possible and set an example to others.

Beer from London Fields Brewery – we source craft beers from our wonderful local brewery London Fields Brewery, just a few meters away.

Cheese from Milky’s – British made, amazingly delicious halloumi cheese by these guys who moved their production over from the Lebanon.

Our fantastic coffee is roasted around the corner by our friends at Flying Horse Coffee, who are totally committed to sustainability. 

We get our delicious Organic Free range eggs from chickens at Rookery Farm.

We bake all of our cakes and pastries in-house, including gluten free and vegan options.

We get our milk from Moretons Dairy, who deliver in glass bottles that get reused like in the good old days.

We get our sparkling sodas from Dalston’s who make their drinks all natural, sustainable and locally.