Eastern Mediterranean / Vegetarian

Our dishes are created from scratch with the same care, with no short cuts, and with locally sourced organic ingredients where possible. They are all vegetarian and many of them are vegan, as we don’t believe that meat is needed in order to create wonderfully satisfying, delicious food. We want to promote plant based eating, for the benefit of health and the planet.

 Our chefs are from all around the world and have learnt to cook using traditional methods from their mothers and grandmothers, helping to prepare family feasts from a young age. They have all made London their home and they all want to share their food cultures and connect with their roots by continuing to cook. They feel at home in the kitchen and their food is produced with love.

Eat, talk, drink

Many of our small plates and boards are designed to be shared, so we invite you to create a feast on your table. Inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean, enjoyed in East London.