Eastern Mediterranean / Vegetarian





Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch


Coffee / Soft drinks


wine / beer / cocktails




Warm, soft flatbreads each 4
Date & pistachio/garlic/spicy harissa

Dukka, olive oil & sourdough 3.5 

Marinated olives 3.5
In-house pickles 3.5

Freshly made dips each 5 / 3 for 10

All served with warm soft flatbread


Baked carrots with chilli, honey, carrot leaf & mint pesto, seeds and tahini 6.5

Fattoush salad, traditionally made with cos lettuce, cucumber, radish, red onion, tomatoes, mint, sumac, crisp croutons and lemon dressing 6.5

Puy lentil salad with squash, beetroot, chilli, dukkah and pomegranate 6.5

Sambusak – filo pastry filled with stilton, caramelised onion & cinnamon 8

Mucver- courgette fritter with potato, carrot, dill, mint, parsley, filo pastry and garlic yoghurt 8.50

Freshly made warm Dahl served with chilli flatbread 7

Crispy cauliflower with tahini and pomegranate 6.5

Aubergine polenta chips served with garlic and za’atar tahini 5.5

Halloumi seasoned with honey, lemon and za’atar 7

Falafels served with tahini, sumac and za’atar 6

Batta Harra mezze – fried potatoes with garlic yoghurt and chilli sauce 5

Flatbread 1.5


Served all day 

Warm, soft flatbreads each
Date & pistachio/garlic/spicy harissa

Batata Harra Hash 8
Fried potatoes, zaatar fried eggs, garlic yoghurt (or vegan with falafels, tahini & hummus) served on flatbread

Orange and cranberry granola, coconut yoghurt, seeds 6

Honey baked crumpets & labneh 8
served with seasonal fruit, red berry & rose water compote, almond flakes, date molasses, tahini & fresh mint

Eggs with za’atar served on sourdough roast – scrambled, poached or fried 6.5

Shakshuka 8 (or vegan s/w falafels)
Eggs poached in a rich tomatoes, olive oil, peppers, onion and garlic, sauce

Batta Harra mezze – fried potatoes with garlic yoghurt and chilli sauce 5

from 11am…

Falafel & hummus wrap 8
Freshly made falafels served with hummus, in-house pickled cabbage and cucumber, tahini and lettuce

Halloumi & aubergine wrap 8
Halloumi, fried aubergines served with moutabal, tomato and rocket

Falafel and Hummus salad bowl 8.50

Halloumi and Aubergine salad bowl 8.50

Weekend specials

Aya brunch for two 20
Falafels, halloumi, labneh, muhammara, hummus, moutabal, poached eggs, quinoa tabbouleh salad, crudites, flatbread

Suki brunch for two (vegan) 20
Falafels, batata harra, crispy cauliflower, muhammara, hummus, moutabal, quinoa tabbouleh salad, crudites, flatbread

Fattoush salad, traditionally made with cos lettuce, cucumber, radish, red onion, tomatoes, mint, sumac, crisp croutons and lemon dressing 6.5


coffee/soft drinks


Espresso 2.5
Macchiato 2.8
Long Black 2.8
Cortado 2.8
Flat White 3
Cappuccino 3
Latte 3
Mocha 3.3
Raw cacao hot chocolate 3.3
Matcha latte 3.3
Chai latte 3.3
Tumeric 3.3

Coconut or oat milks are available at no extra charge


Earl Grey 2.5
Breakfast 2.5
Sensha green 2.5
Spearmint green 2.5
Peppermint 2.5
Rooibos 2.5
Chamomile 2.5
Apple loves mint 2.5

Cold Drinks

Iced americano 3.3
Iced latte 3.5
Iced raw cacao 3.5
Iced chai latte 3.5
Iced matcha latte 3.5
Iced turmeric latte 3.5


Dalstons sparkling drinks 2
cherry / rhubarb / ginger / elderflower

Cano still or sparkling water 2



All our wines are vegan and natural


Honorio Rubio Tremendus Rioja Blanco 22 / 6
Natural Rioja, light, refreshing, bright and zesty

Chateau Deville, Entre du Mars 29
Bordeaux, crisp, clean, dry medium bodied. Citric lemon and grapefruit

SV Gewurztraminer, Te Ware, RA- Marlborough, New Zealand 38
Off-dry, intense fruit concentration and weight


Reserve de Gassac 23 / 6.5
Dry, subtle red fruit, easy summer drinking


Gran Cerdo 22 / 6
Tempranillo, red dark berries, lavender, violets and soft earth, biodynamic rioja

Chateau Tour des Gendres Cantalouette Bergerac Rouge 32
Merlot, Cabernet and Malbec blend. Fresh, vibrant red fruits, soft and balanced tannins

Clos Henri petit clos pinot noir 36
Vibrant, youthful, fruit driven, lively, subtle tannins, lovely balance


Pago de Tharsys Cava Brut 28 / 7
Fresh, fine bubbles, clean floral notes

P Gerbais Champagne 55
Delicious, classic champagne, pinot blanc 25%, chardonnay 25%, pinot noir 50%


Zaatar Bloody Mary (vegan) 8
Mimosa 8
Chilli Margarita 8
Apple and Elderflower Gin & Tonic 7.5
Dark & Stormy 7.5
White Russian (vegan option) 7.5
Espresso Martini 8.5


London Fields brewery 330ml cans

Broadway Boss Pils Lager 4.5
Hackney Hopster IPA 4.5


Tahini brownie & ice cream 6
Oat milk rice pudding w/ rosewater, served with berry compote and fresh figs 6