Eastern Mediterranean / Vegetarian





Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch


Coffee / Soft drinks


wine / beer / cocktails




In-house pickles

Marinated olives


Warm flatbread
tahini, date and pistachio or garlic or rose harissa

Crispy okra fries
w/ mint and coriander coconut yoghurt and rose harissa 

Freshly made dips
hummus, muhammara, labneh, moutabal

w/ beetroot hummus and edamame 

w/ honey, lemon and za’atar

Crispy Cauliflower
w/ kimchi barbecue and stem ginger

Batata Harra
fried potatoes w/ za’atar, coconut garlic yogurt, rose harissa and rocket 

Roasted Broccoli
w/ turmeric tahini and toasted almonds

Aubergine and Polenta Chips
w/ garlic tahini dip 

Curry Lentil Dahl
w/ winter vegetables, apple and warm flatbread

Agave Roasted Carrots
w/ tahini, parsley pesto and pistachio

Fattoush side salad
w/ lettuce, cucumber, radish, sumac, croutons and mint 

Spiced lentil & blood orange salad
w/ chicory and tahini dressing 

Sesame Miso Aubergine
w/ mango tahini, candied walnuts, greens & pickled chilli  

Deviled Jackfruit
w/ charred pok choy, chilli, sprouts and tapioca sesame crisp

Harissa Roasted Sangria Beets
w/ beetroot ketchup, sweet potato crisps, dukkah and feta 


(sample menu)

Served all day 

Warm, soft flatbreads
Date & pistachio/garlic/spicy harissa

Batata Harra Hash
Fried potatoes, zaatar fried eggs, garlic yoghurt (or vegan with falafels, tahini & hummus) served on flatbread

Orange and cranberry granola, coconut yoghurt, seeds

Honey baked crumpets & labneh
served with seasonal fruit, red berry & rose water compote, almond flakes, date molasses, tahini & fresh mint

Eggs with za’atar served on sourdough roast – scrambled, poached or fried

Shakshuka (or vegan s/w falafels)
Eggs poached in a rich tomatoes, olive oil, peppers, onion and garlic, sauce

Batta Harra mezze – fried potatoes with garlic yoghurt and chilli sauce

from 11am…

Falafel & hummus wrap
Freshly made falafels served with hummus, in-house pickled cabbage and cucumber, tahini and lettuce

Halloumi & aubergine wrap
Halloumi, fried aubergines served with moutabal, tomato and rocket

Falafel and Hummus salad bowl

Halloumi and Aubergine salad bowl

Weekend specials

Aya brunch for two
Falafels, halloumi, labneh, muhammara, hummus, moutabal, poached eggs, quinoa tabbouleh salad, crudites, flatbread

Suki brunch for two (vegan)
Falafels, batata harra, crispy cauliflower, muhammara, hummus, moutabal, quinoa tabbouleh salad, crudites, flatbread

Fattoush salad, traditionally made with cos lettuce, cucumber, radish, red onion, tomatoes, mint, sumac, crisp croutons and lemon dressing


coffee/soft drinks


Long Black 
Flat White 
Raw cacao hot chocolate 
Matcha latte  
Chai latte 

Coconut or oat milks are available at no extra charge


Earl Grey 
Sensha green 
Spearmint green 
Apple loves mint 

Cold Drinks

Iced americano 
Iced latte
Iced raw cacao 
Iced chai latte 
Iced matcha latte 
Iced turmeric latte 


Dalstons sparkling drinks 
cherry / rhubarb / ginger / elderflower

Cano still or sparkling water


we love to shake & pour, freshly made to order

Chilli Margarita
cabrito blanco tequila, triple sec, agave, chilli, lime 

Vanilla Pomegranate Daiquiri  
barcelo gran anejo rum, pomegranate, vanilla, lime, aquafaba    

Peach Gin Fizz
east london gin, dalstons peach soda, lime

Za’atar Bloody Mary
east london vodka, tomato juice & all the good stuff 

pago de tharsys cava, OJ

Espresso Martini   
east london vodka, flying horse coffee, kahlua

Matcha Martini
east london vodka, matcha, white chocolate

Dark & Stormy
barcelo gran anejo rum, ginger beer, lime 

White Russian   
east london vodka, kahlua, milk


the excellent Hammerton Brewery, just a couple of miles away

Groll Pilsner                                 
4.7% clean, crisp lager                       

Panama Creature Extra Pale Ale
4.3% fruity flavors, gluten free


VODKA East London Liquor Co                   

GIN East London Liquor Co                        

TEQUILA Cabrito Blanco 100% Agave      

RUM Barcelo Gran Anejo Ron



125ml/750ml  all our wines are carefully chosen, vegan & natural


Honorio Rubio Tremendus Rioja Blanco 
Our favourite light, natural white Rioja. Bright and zesty and easy to drink. So fresh and so clean, clean.

Vigneti Tardis Fratelli Felix Bianco, Campania, Italy
Peachy, floral and honeyed. This incredible natural wine gives so much, yet asks for nothing back. 


St Cyrgues Salamandre VDF Orange, Langedoc, France
Instant summer vibes. Character, body and depth from this super easy orange wine, made from 100% grenache blanc with 10 days of skin contact. Plus eminem says that orange rhymes with four inch, and that’s the average length of a salamandre. Surely not a coincidence. 


Pink Moustache
We came for the label, we stayed for the most incredible taste: vibrant strawberries and sherbert. Creamy, chilled red, super light and as fruity as a hipster with a twirly pink moustache. 


Gran Cerdo
A natural classic. This is one smooth, soft, dark berry rioja, inviting you to forget capitalism and enjoy the good things in life.

Lo Petit Fantet d’Hippolyte Rouge, Languedoc, France
So fruity. So intensely fruity. Wait. Also slightly herby. Cherry-red, sweet raspberries and the 15% alcohol just slips under the radar. Delicious. Plus the label has a crayon drawing of a tractor in a field. Served slightly chilled.   

Iuli Ta Da!
When everyone laughs at you for your dedication to nature processes, and then the wine you produce is spectacular.. Aya Da! From up in the hills of Italy, chalky white clay soils, untouched by chemicals. Not robust, no tannin, just elegant and joyful. We love to drink it.  


Pago de Tharsys Cava Brut
If you want fine bubbles, and you want them fresh, floral, clean, & citrusy, these are ones for you. 


Chocolate mousse
w/ salted caramel, raspberry and coconut 

Rosewater rice pudding
w/ blueberry compôte, walnut and pistachio 

Tahini halva chocolate brownie
w/ vanilla ice cream (gluten free)